Career Summary
I was never one of those kids who knew from age six what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a result, I’ve had a lot of jobs. And a lot of weird jobs. I’ve robbed baby billy goats of their manhood. I’ve lathered my hands in tubs of margarine to pick spruce cones. I’ve taught six-month old Japanese infants how to speak English–or at least I tried. I’ve written books on places I’ve never even set foot in.

Work History

Executive Director, January 2010-current
Growing Chefs!, Vancouver

Director of Operations and Events, 2010-2012
Swallow Tail Canada

Kung Fu Instructor, January 2010
Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Vancouver

Carbon Project Developer, December 2009
Carbon Project Solutions, Vancouver

Film Executive, December 2009
Bright Light Pictures, Vancouver

Dog Walker, November 2009
Laura Davies, Creature Comforts, Vancouver

Personal Trainer, November 2009
Steve McMinn, Fit4Real, Vancouver

Software Developer, November 2009
Nitobi Software, Vancouver

Acquisitions Editor, November 2009
University of Texas Press, Austin

Film Swing, November 2009
Wood If, Vancouver

Sous Chef, November 2009
Swallow Tail Canada, Vancouver

Stockbroker, October 2009

Transportation Planner, October 2009
Bunt and Associates, Vancouver

Reporter, September 2009
Business in Vancouver, Vancouver

Graphic Designer, September 2009
Kyla Day Designer and Developer, Vancouver

Line Cook, September 2009
Jeffrey’s Restaurant, Austin

Freelance Author, 2003-2009
Spicebox Publications, Whitecap Books

Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Public Support, 2007–2009
David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver

Development Coordinator, 2005–2007
David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver

Travel Writer, 2003–2009
Desert Paradise, Travel Weekly, Various

Editorial and Marketing Assistant, 2004–2005
Whitecap Books Limited, Vancouver

Sales Clerk, 2004
Three Vets, Vancouver

Busser, 2004
Seasons in the Park, Vancouver

Sales Clerk, 2004
Chapters Books, Vancouver

ESL Teacher, 2002-2003
American Language School, Japan

Treeplanter, 2000-2003
Brinkman and Associates, Alberta


4 Responses to “The Resume”

  1. Geneva Says:

    Helen you are too awesome!! This is a great blog and a unique, interesting concept. Best of luck with the endeavour, I have a feeling it will be a huge success!

  2. David Says:

    Hey Helen, it’s been at least a decade. I didn’t know Van was such an economic sinkhole. My friends in advertising are doing alright there. What are you up to now?

    • Helen Stortini Says:

      Hi David! I actually jumped off the roadshow for a job back in January…so the blog is a little out of date. I run a non-profit called Growing Chefs!

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